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Selfpedia is the Wiki where you can build an autobiography about yourself.

Selfpedia is an autobiography site for people and companies.

Use the search bar at the top of any page on Selfpedia to take a look.

Note: You can remove the ad at the top of each page by creating an account on Selfpedia and staying logged in.

Things to Do on Selfpedia

1. Create your biography. Tell us your life story, fill in the details of your life as you remember them.

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2. Make a Selfpedia page about an article, product, or brand you've created.
3. Clean up and edit other pages and make suggestions on talk pages.


  1. Intellectual Honesty: No lying, stealing content, plagiarizing, or purposeful misleading.
  2. Keep things structured and beautiful. This site should look like Wikipedia in structure, but it will be completely unique in content.
  3. When in doubt, use the discussion page. Share your reasons for changing or adding content, and make suggestions for changes or additions.
  4. No adult content. No linking to sites with adult content.
  5. Only edit other users autobiographies to remove inappropriate content, fix grammar, add internal links, add structure, and reword for clarity. If you have a suggestion for content, put it on their discussion page.

How Selfpedia is different from Wikipedia

  1. You can create your biography on Selfpedia.
  2. Users can include original thought.
  3. Company and brand pages are encouraged to be worked on by employees of that company on Selfpedia, because they know the most about themselves. If you have economic interests for creating a page, fine! We welcome you. Just maintain intellectual honesty and avoid being misleading.

What are you waiting for? Start building pages because only you can put the 'self' in Selfpedia.

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